Home modifications

We are able to provide minor and major modifications to your exisiting home, if appropriate, to meet your daily needs and maintain your independence. The service would include:

1. Initial assessment to understand your goals and current needs. 

2. Assessment of your current home and its structural integrity and your current routine. 

3. Trials and appointment with the appropriate registered builder will be arranged to discuss the options available. 

4. Report and drawings will be drafted for the builder to specify and provide recommendations of the modifications.

Alternatively, if no modifications can be identified, then further discussion regarding equipment to assist with your routine as appropriate.

We utilise the Australian Standards 1428.6 to guide and assist our recommendations of home modifications and the Australian Building Codes to ensure its safety and integrity to the remainder of your home. 


Minor modifications

Common minor modifications involve:

  • Grab rails or recess changes within the toilet or bathroom
  • Ramps for external access and internal access around the home.
  • Enabling improved bathroom access 

Major modifications

These complex modifications include:

  • Platform landings
  • External ramps from the pathway to the home
  • Complex bathroom modifications
  • Stairlift
  • Ceiling hoist
  • Redesign of bedroom 
  • Redesign of kitchen