Assistive Technology

The following is a list of areas of assistive technology that our therapist can additionally provide to meet your goals and facilitate independence in your everyday life. 

Access Technology

Our therapists are able to assist with prescription of a variety of software and equipment to facilitate access to technology, choice making and appliances. These include:

  • Switches - jellybean, big mac
  • Joysticks
  • Modified computer keyboard and screens (for vision impairment)
  • Computer software for clients with vision impairment
  • Environmental access controls

We are able to work in conjunction with Speech pathologists to assist in communication devices including high tech and low tech.  

Our therapists are able to provide simple to complex needs to meet your goals. 

  • Mealtime cutlery
  • Adapted kitchen cooking devices and appliances
  • Bedding and mattress: height adjustable and electric
  • Toileting and bathing: Raised toilet seat, shower commode, customised shower trolley
  • Dining and lounge seating: height adjustable and width adjustable orthopaedic seating

For further information regarding Activities of Daily Living, click here

Activities of Daily living

Activities of Daily living equipment

Mobility and Manual handling equipment


To support carers, residential staff and school staff, we are able to recommend the following equipment to assist client's mobilise and transfer safely around the environment.

  • Hoists - ceiling, mobile, standing
  • Slings - leave-in, standard slings, toileting and transfer slings
  • Turning disc - standing, seated

For further information regarding training please see this link:

Client Specific Functional Training

We are able to work inconjunction with Physiotherapists to assist with promoting mobility around the community or home. 

Recreation and Leisure

To further expand your recreation and leisure options, we can recommend modifications to off the shelf equipment such as bicycles. We also work alongside other organisations such as TAD to assist with selection of preferred equipment.